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MeiMei Hodgkinson (b.1992)
Fabricated Vessel (Belonging) (2024)
Japanese Glass Bead and Pigment
on Deadstock Silk Satin
40cm X 40cm X 55cm

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Fabricated Vessel (Cancel) (2024)
Japanese Glass Bead and Pigment on Deadstock Silk Satin
36cm X 36cm X 39cm
$2000 AUD

“Fabricated Vessels” is a series of work by MeiMei Hodgkinson (b. 1992, Tongxiang, China. Lives and works Naarm/Melbourne) inspired by her experiences of having to give up her Chinese citizenship upon becoming an Australian citizen, as a result of China’s Nationality Law.

“I became an Australian citizen a few years ago and as a result I had to lose my Chinese citizenship. When I got my Chinese passport back there were huge, big cancel stamps on every page and in that moment I thought what have I done? What have I lost? What have I left behind?”

Referencing traditional Chinese Blue and White porcelain motifs, this body of work questions and re-evaluates all the conscious and unconscious decisions an immigrant must make as they create a new life.

“I wanted to play with that western understanding of Chinese culture and set a context for people. I thought my memories of my past were a hindrance to my future but I realised you can’t establish a future without a past, you need a foundation.”

The vessels are “fabricated” because they are not only made of deadstock silk fabric, but also because they are created from the fragmented memories MeiMei has of her homeland. These memories being the only connection she has to it now.

Accompanying the vessels in the A.SINGLE.PIECE interior space is a video work, detailing MeiMei’s story as well as the wall hanging What Have You Left behind (2024). Printed on hemp, this piece features a photograph of MeiMei as a child, in China, along with traditional hand embroidery.