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Jeongeun Han (b.1998)
The Days That I Miss  (2023)
Acrylic on Canvas
76cm X 60cm

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MY HEART FLIES #153 (2023)
Acrylic gouache on canvas
80cm X 116cm

Through combining traditional Korean landscape painting with modern thinking, Yoonjung Lee explores how the way people relate to each other, and themselves, is changing. Her work creates a hopeful view of a future in which our thoughts and emotions can live on beyond our own spheres of influence and enable us to connect with other people, all over the world.

The series, My Heart Flies, was created in response to the passing of Lee’s grandmother. Having lost this link to her past, Lee found herself adrift, with so much that she still wanted to say and understand.

To help her cope with these feelings, she began to insert paper planes into her landscape paintings. These metaphorical messengers carrying with them the words and thoughts she now wasn’t able to express, while at the same time allowing her to heal.

As the series progressed, the colours in the landscapes became more vibrant, more reflective of where Lee was at in her life emotionally and the messages she would send with her planes transformed from ones of regret, confusion and loss to ones of hope, joy and excitement. Her messages changing from personal communications with her grandmother to wishes for the world at large, with the aim of inspiring others to find their own new beginnings.

This work,  My Heart Flies #153,  is about direction. It is about discovering where you want to go as you shape a new life and then moving towards it. The planes in this work (even the mountains themselves) lead the viewer towards the moon shaped void at the top, through which we can seek out and find our new tomorrow.

“I really like the words permeate and accumulate, as I believe they are important factors in both human relationships and in art. How a message or a person speaks to you, connects to you and then becomes a part of you.”

“I work by layering several thin layers of acrylic gouache. This process adds depth as the colours accumulate and then naturally seep into the canvas rather than simply laying upon it. I believe colours and lines are the most honest way to show my emotion and feeling in a painting. So, depending on the story I want to tell, the lines appear sharp or round, with each line representing the time of effort, the accumulation of process. The water depicted in the landscapes, into which all of these lines eventually run, speaks to me of purification, of wanting to keep the feelings you initially had but knowing that they must change.”

“Since my early works were so focused on memories of my grandmother I drew heavily on traditional landscape paintings, however the scenes I am now creating are all virtual spaces, surreal in nature but intended to connect to everyone. To be empathetic and modern and reflective of the new world we now find ourselves in, its beauty and complexity.”

The interior of the A.SINGLE.PIECE gallery contained an interactive experience whereby visitors were encouraged to write their own messages of hope on paper planes and throw them out into the space.


Yoonjung Lee has been working as a professional artist for more than a decade in Korea. During this time she has had numerous solo exhibitions and has taken part in a long list of group shows and art awards. She has also been featured in several K-Dramas (including Startup with Bae Suzy) and has work held in many public art collections.

Her show with A.SINGLE.PIECE is her Australian debut.

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