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Jeongeun Han (b.1998)
The Days That I Miss  (2023)
Acrylic on Canvas
76cm X 60cm

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Acrylic, gouache and mixed media on paper mounted on board
117cm X 91cm

Alive with colour and movement, the work of Jaeyoun Shin (b. 1987) reflects the often chaotic modern world we live in. A world that may appear beautiful and dreamy on the surface but hides a deeper, more complex, hopeful, bountiful, scary and sometimes troubling world beneath.

Rich in symbolism, the work reflects Shin’s own experiences as well as those of the world at large, causing us to pause and consider our own world view. Can we see beyond the surface or are we blinded by the beauty?

Surrounding For Whisper 1, depicts a scene of great chaos. The swirling water and mass of fish representing a rapidly changing modern world, a conglomerate. While it may seem beautiful on the surface, the artist wishes to depict the difficulty, nervousness and obsession being a part of this type of environment can evoke. A place where individual capabilities and efforts can feel meaningless when everything else around you is swirling at an unrelenting pace.

The tree in the centre of the image is full of red fruit, symbolising ones life. While the tree still manages to hold onto some fruit amidst the storm raging around it, several fruit have already fallen into the water and are being swept away.

The fish depicted represent people. The fish shown, Betta Splendens, are traditionally known for being strong, independent and possessing a fighting spirit. They are individuals. Yet in many instances in the painting they are entangled, unable to fight or even move, slowly being swallowed by the water, their individuality gone.

“I am constantly asking “How will I survive?” As I look at the world around me I see so many individuals who are falling behind. It is chaotic and I feel tired and weak from the constant emotional tension these unstable and swirling relationships cause and long for stability. Yet despite this, I know that who we are, who we will become, will be shaped by how we ride out this chaos around us. It does not have to be bad. Will we be swallowed or will a new, even better, future be created?”

The interior of the A.SINGLE.PIECE gallery space was filled with hanging silks onto which Shin’s work has been printed.  Billowing softly as they reflect light and shadow they allowed visitors to literally step into Shin’s work, to pause for a moment and reflect upon how they view the world around them and their role within in it.


Jaeyoun Shin (b 1987) has an extensive exhibition history stretching back over 13 years. After initially studying a BFA in Oriental painting in Seoul, South Korea she went on to complete her MFA in the United States at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. 

Her show with A.SINGLE.PIECE is her fifth solo show and Shin has also been featured in more than 30 group shows as well as in numerous publications, competitions and television shows including the drama series Sweet Magnolias (Netflix) and Being Mary Jane (Amazon).

To download her complete CV in PDF please click here.